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Lisa W.

“I have participated in several of Lisa’s classes, and I leave feeling spiritually and physically uplifted. Lisa is well trained and well informed in Holy Yoga. She is passionate about Jesus and about encouraging others in their faith. During the class time we listen to inspirational music, and she always starts with scripture and ends with prayer. I have definitely noticed the physical benefits from the class as well. My strength and flexibility have increased, and I breathe more fully now. I would highly recommend Lisa as a Holy Yoga instructor whether you are a beginner or advanced.”

Debra J. W.

“I have attended Lisa’s class and it was very relaxing. It was my first time, and I’d like to go again. I loved the music she chose and the movements were do-able for me. I was encouraged to continue in Holy Yoga :).”

Linda H.

“I have attended several of Lisa Lines Gregor’s yoga classes. She is very knowledgeable of the practice of yoga and can convey clearly how to do the various moves to her students. Lisa has a calming demeanor and I have found it very easy to relax. When I become calm, I can more easily focus on the movements. Before the end of the class,while we stretch and just be…. Lisa ends with “sayings” of good will and peace. Lisa’s classes are excellent.”

Ron S.

“Lisa explains positions & allows work at whatever level you area at. I appreciate a Christian Based Yoga since I am a strong Believer.”

Joanne J.

“Lisa is a very skillful yoga instructor. She is knowledgeable, & works with each person to modify the lesson to their limitations. I always feel better after her class! I really enjoy the Christian aspect too!”

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