Back on the Front Range!


After two years in the Salida/Maysville area, I decided to move back “home” on the Front Range in Longmont, Colorado.  I am so thankful to be back near the Denver area, although I will miss the friends I made while in Salida.  This move “feels right”!  Everything is falling into place.  God is providing exceedingly abundantly all that I ever asked or imagined from a beautiful house to taking over 5 yoga classes for Diane Mester  who’s moving out of state in a couple weeks.  What timing!  God’s perfect timing.  I am honored and humbled by the gifts God has bestowed in this move.  I hope and pray that I fill the needs of the students as well as Diane has for the past 6 years.

Classes are held at Longmont Church of Christ.  Membership for their fitness program is $10/month which includes all classes.  For more information:


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