Welcome to Rocky Mountain Mind Body Therapy! My name is Lisa, and I provide Christian-based mind body yoga therapy in private lessons and classes, local and on-line.  All faith tribes are welcome as I create a safe atmosphere where you can be who you really are. I am currently working on a workshop, Yoga for... Continue Reading →

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What is Holy Yoga?

So many people ask "What is Holy Yoga?"  Basically Holy Yoga is Christian based yoga, however classes are open to all faiths.  It's a community where everyone belongs, and you can be yourself.  Rocky Mountain Holy Yoga founded by Lisa Gregor is a part of a much bigger community of approximately 1800 Holy Yoga instructors... Continue Reading →

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What is Chair Yoga?

There are many different types of yoga for all ages and abilities.  Chair Yoga is for those who have difficulty getting up and down off the floor.  Poses are done seated or standing with the support of a wall or chair.  I began teaching Chair Yoga while recovering from a long lasting concussion, and was... Continue Reading →

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Therapeutic Thursday – Knees

Howdy! Welcome to therapeutic Thursday. Here's our short video clip showing an exercise my physical therapist taught me 8 years ago when I had knee issues so bad I could not walk without limping. I didn't think I would be able to run, dance or ski again, but now I can do all three! If... Continue Reading →

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I would love your opinion on my upcoming on-line classes and workshops. Please take a minute to answer my 2 question survey: Thanks in advance!

Moving Update

After writing my last post in November when I decided to take my house off the market if it didn't sell that week, three days later I received an offer!  December and January have been a busy two months of packing, moving and unpacking, but we are finally settled in beautiful Salida, Colorado.  Life is... Continue Reading →

Legacy of Love Retreat Recap Oct. 6-8

A sisterhood of 80 lovely, Godly women coming together for fellowship, faith building, learning and fun! Oh yeah....and to practice yoga. 🙂 Lots of laughter and getting out w/ the Creator in His beautifully awesome creation. ♥♥♥♥  Kristin Gibowicz and Amber Jaworski did a great job leading this retreat.  It was structured so a person could participate... Continue Reading →

The Holy Yoga Experience

Yesterday (8/12/17) 88 lovely Holy Yogis in the Denver area participated in the Holy Yoga Experience, and 1200 nationwide!!  Here are some pictures of the fun and fellowship: Child's Pose while Kristen read how we are God's children: Resting in His grace: Adaptation for Chair Yoga was also available: Stay tuned for another Holy Yoga... Continue Reading →

Only 2 More Weeks….

As the sunsets in one phase of life, the sun rises to another phase. Ecclesiastes 3:1  There is a time for everything,     and a season for every activity under the heavens: And so it is as I'm preparing to graduate, sell my home, buy land and build vacation rentals and a yoga studio (most likely) in... Continue Reading →

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